May Goals

My good friend Nicole sets goals for herself on her blog every month. Since being friends with her I've been hyper aware of my own goal setting. I've realized that I do well with goals concerning things that are practical to accomplish, and it doesn't hurt for me to throw in a few that are down-right easy for me to get done. With that being said here are my goals for the month of May!

1) Get a haircut. 
2) Use my Day Designer every day for a week. 
3) Sew one thing by the end of May.
4) Meal plan weekly.
5) Read two books. 
6) Read Utmost daily.
7) Keep home cleaner.
8) Move for 30 minutes a day. (I'm planking for 10 of these!)
9) Get ahead and stay ahead on laundry. 
10) Book 5 total sessions! 

To be honest these goals feel a little weird to share. They are mix of personal and professional. They are a look into my life and into my work. Sharing about it is not something I'm super used to. I feel like I may seem like I have my life partially together but it usually feels like some part of it is out of control. As you can tell right now from my goal-setting my home is a problem area and I'm learning what it means to be an employed freelancer. 

So that's where I'm at! 

What are some of your May goals? I want to know!