Maker Monday 005: Blue Morpho Apothecary

As I get older I've begun to the realization that what you put on your skin and in your body really matters. That's one of the reason's I love organic and naturally made beauty supplies, so it's no strange happenstance that I love Brandie Maraziti & Blue Morpho Apothecary. I met Brandi at my first real Austin event-- a low key bed decorating workshop at the Burlap Bag. I was nervous and excited to see what sort of cool people I'd run into and I was not dissapointed! Brandi sat right across from me and we bonded over our dogs & our love for the gold paint with which I adorned nearly every single wooden bead I decorated.

Brandie is such a ham! The few times since meeting that we've gotten to hang out together have been filled with laughter and pure jubilance. She's hilarious, kind and caring -- absolutely the kind of person that you'd want to see succeed at what they're passionate about. She has a love for mixing up beauty goodies that would make you drool they smell so good! 

She's been making organic & natural products from bath salts to dry shampoo since 2011 after a life-changing trip to Costa Rica. She believes in nourishment from the outside in and has been working her hardest for the past few years to make quality natural products that do just that. Her Detox bath salt mix is my personal favorite! It smells like lemon & grapefruit oil & and has kelp on the ingredients list. 

To check out Blue Morpho's apothecary offerings click here.  Go! Go buy all the things!