Maker Monday 009: Chalkfull of Love

I don't think I've ever met a human with a better sense of humor than Sarah from Chalkfull of Love. She's sarcastic and witty and totally a breath of fresh air. Sarah loves my dog, Hank and we talk about him quite often. I think she secretly wishes that Hank would come live with her at her house. 

I met Sarah via the good 'ol interwebs a few months ago. She followed my best friend Stephanie, and I followed her. I took a leap of faith and emailed her asking if I could come shoot for her sometime. Instead we had coffee. And then sandwiches. And we became friends and talked about The Walking Dead. 

So a few weeks ago I sent Sarah a formal email, asking if I could officially schedule an important meeting with her to shoot photos. After a few hilarious exchanges we are here. I'm writing this post which means I have photos. 

Sarah is an illustrator who does some of the most beautiful calligraphy/hand lettering I've ever seen. She got her start on prints and chalkboards for events, but she's now offering tote bags and coffee mugs. I snagged her "I woke up like this" mug and I have to say, It makes my mornings so full of happy. 

Sarah is a delight to follow on Instagram. That's my Monday morning recommendation. It's a thing. Right? Now it is. Follow Sarah on Instagram. She's motivating, encouraging, and honestly her feed is just down-right pretty. She's @chalkfulloflove over there. And to purchase any of the products on this post, just visit!