Maker Monday 004: Dream Green DIY


I LOVE Maker Monday. My dream for Maker Monday has consistently been to showcase makers of all types and of all degrees of craft. 

Today I'm excited to feature my first blogger boss lady-- Carrie Waller of Dream Green DIY. Carrie is kind, thoughtful and incredibly stylish. She was made to work in the creative field. I got to spend a little bit of time with her in December and let me tell you-- she walks the walk. 

Carrie is an absolute girlboss! She is a freelance writer, an awesome designer, and a great (and consistent ::praise hand emoji::) blogger! She does features on interior designing, life as a creative woman, and of course DIYs. 

Carrie recently wrote a piece on comparison in the creative community and man, it hit me right in the knees. Here's an excerpt: 

If you’re in a similar situation and feeling like the world is against you, and if that dreaded comparison game is murdering your joy, know that fear—at the heart of it all—is just an emotion. Reality is often so much brighter than the picture our worries and insecurities paint. Please, oh please, don’t let comparison be the thief of your joy.

Right? Aren't you totally in love with her? I am. 

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Carrie on handful of projects before my Virginia departure. She was so sweet to me and had such an encouraging way about her.

Sometimes you meet people who are like road signs on your creative path that tell you to keep going-- Carrie Waller was one of those for me. I approached her with a goal, to get featured on a blog we mutually loved, and we hit that goal out of the park. 

You should totally be following her on Instagram if you aren't already. And you should really be checking out her blog daily, but be warned-- there will undoubtedly be a project that you will have to add to your weekend to-do list.