Maker Monday 001: Petaline

There aren't enough pleasant words in the world to say about Hannah Coleman. She's incredibly wonderful, exceptionally talented, and all around a gift to be around. To put it frankly, I met Hannah far too late in my Virginia life. I would really like to know her better than I do, but I fully intend on keeping up with her even though I put some miles between us. 

The afternoon that I spent with her shooting these photos was a highlight of my last few months in Lynchburg. Our session began with an Instagram follow and a few comments and then finally I sent the email. I asked if I could come to her home and take photos of her working. She obliged and gave me an address to a farm out near the Blue Ridge Parkway. I was ecstatic to say the least. The Parkway has a huge piece of my heart and I was thrilled to get to see the mountains up close again. 

The home that Hannah has made for herself is like the perfect slice of pecan pie- warm & welcoming. Every inch of her home is infused with little bits of her personality and her likes. Isn't that how it should be? I snapped photo after photo of her home and when I drove away from her mountain retreat I felt much more calm than I did when I arrived. I think the farm has that effect on people. I told her I just wanted to drive out there one warm spring day, throw a blanket in one of the fields and curl up with Anne of Green Gables. She told me I was always welcome.

The next time I get to grace the state line of Virginia I just might. 

To live vicariously through Hannah's beautifully real life, follow her blog! To purchase her fold-over clutches, weaves, or stamps visit her Etsy or Pastiche at Main in Lynchburg, VA.