Well y'all. I skipped February's goals right over. I didn't really have the headspace to succeed at them. This move has been an adjustment to say the least. But March is here. The third month of the year. Can you believe that? I sure can't. I moved to Austin almost TWO WHOLE MONTHS ago. Wowza. 

Anyway, you know I love to make lists. Here's my list of March things to accomplish: 

1) Read 4 books. 
2) Cook more.
3) REBRAND :) 
4) Help launch Tucker's Etsy shop. 
5) Find a part-time job.
6) Use my camera everyday.
7) Schedule 8 different shoots. 
8) Do Austin things. 
10) Send more mail. 

Truthfully three or four of these things are always on my goals lists. But I'm totally going to own it this month. 

I'm glad to be back, blogging fam. 

What are some of your March goals?