26 before 26!

Presented with very little context & with a montage of some of my favorite pictures of my 25 year old self: here are a list of the things I want to accomplish before I turn 26. 

1) Get at least two haircuts (up one from 25!) 
2) Shoot a personal project a month. 
3) Develop a fitness routine that I like.  
4) Make blogging a priority. 
5) Go to a conference.
6) Take Hank to obedience training. 
7) Cook my way through a cookbook with Tucker. 
8) Visit a state I've never been to before. 
9) Pay off our credit card. 
10) Bake cookies & mail them to my grandma.
11) Run a 5k (Oh God, I'm gonna regret this) 
12) Shoot with a different camera every month. 
13) Get rid of all of my shoes that don't make my feet happy. 
14) Listen to more music & pick an album of the month.
15) Go on six trips in the next year for work, pleasure &/or reflection. 
16) Get a tattoo. 
17) Attend a concert of my choosing. 
18) Make a living wage as a photographer while paying taxes & investing in my business!(!!!!!!) 
19) Have dinner at 5 of Austin's best & most renowned restaurants. 
20) Take a trip alone. 
21) Find a hobby.
22) Compliment strangers more. 
23) Dress in happiness daily. 
24) Go on a trip for Chuckermoon 5!(!!!!!!!!)
25) Make date night a priority & invest in my marriage. 
26) Plant some things & encourage them to grow.