do me a favor?

This Holiday season I've been stretched and squeezed for time. It's been crazy. Wonderful, yes! But crazy. I had a Christmas party a night this past week, and a full schedule during the day. I've been working like crazy to get everything done, and today's my last day in Austin before beginning to travel home by car. With Hank, Tucker & Stephanie. Holy cow! 

So in the meantime I'm trying to dot all my I's and cross all my T's and today, of all days, I'm checking my list to make sure I've got everyone covered for Christmas. I love gifting, but this holiday season I know I've forgotten something. 

Luckily, that's where Favor comes in. Favor is a service that will go pick anything up for you! Hungry for lunch but stuck in a project? Forgot to get your sister a gift? Favor has you covered.

Last week I Favored this Milk & Honey gift set while I sat at Caffe Medici, sipping coffee with my favorite barista while knocking out my pre-holiday-this-list-is-ten-miles-long to do list. It came quickly & was delivered by Omar who was perfectly chipper. He'd gotten it all wrapped up for me and ready to gift! Overall it was an incredible experience, and to my the cost of not having to go run another errand was totally worth it. 

If you find yourself wanting to try it out use the code OHCHELSEA for a little something off your purchase. I hope your Christmas prep and packing goes well!