new years thoughts + setting intentions


This year is going to be my year. I've already decided that. I've decided that it's the year that I'm going to go after the things I want and pursue the crap out of the things that make me happy. In some cases it means figuring out what even are the things that make me happy, but I've decided that this holiday season I'm going to read, write, and figure out how to keep on keeping on.

One of the first steps, as small as it sounds, was getting this strap c/o Fotostrap. They've been on my love list for a while now. Last year wrapped in a beautiful package under my in-laws tree was a Fotostrap for my sister-in-law Allyn. I didn't think to put one on my list, and ever since I've had my eye on one. They make beautiful straps with comfy shoulder pads that you can get monogrammed with your initials or even your (new!!) logo! And the best part is the company gives back ten percent to Fotolanthropy- an organization that's entire purpose is to capture inspiring and true stories! How fantastic is that? You still have time to order a Fotostrap and get it in time for Christmas! December 21st at 1pm is the cut off so scoot over there and check them out!

A few other things on my new years butt kicking list? This book from Moorea Seal gifted to me by Nicole, The Desire Map workbook, and this incredible notebook from The Paper + Craft Pantry!

What are you going to accomplish in 2016? How are you going to do it? I want to hear!