December Goals!


Where in the world did the month of November go? I have no clue how it flew by so quickly!

I totally forgot about my November goals and I feel so so silly admitting that to you. But I did. I'm copying them over as we speak and I'm curious as to what I did & did not accomplish. 

My goals for November were: 

1) Create a holiday gift guide! \\ SUCCESS
2) Do two photo projects for fun. \\ Nope. I WILL DO THIS SOON PROMISE.
3) Incorporate a rhythm into my everyday. \\ I attempted but I wasn't super intentional. 
4) Write in my thankfulness journal everyday. \\ I wish I succeeded but I totally missed a couple of days!
5) Make our home happier! \\ I decorated for Thanksgiving & Christmas! SO SUCCESS!

2 & 1/2 out of 5? I'll take it. November was CRAZY

My goals for December are a bit more intentional. I want to take a couple of weeks off of booking work to focus on making my business ready for the new year. January 1st brings a whole lot of change. 

Here are my goals for December!

1) Take some time off for the holidays. 
2) Come up with a business plan for 2016. 
3) Start a business bank account. (I'm so embarrassed to admit I don't have one.)
4) Give good & thoughtful gifts. 
5) Location scout with my Instax. 

What are some of your December goals?