Studio Session with Becky Simpson

I first met Becky Murphy (now Simpson!) at Texas Style Council in March during the month that changed my life. I don't think that's why I like her so much though. I think I like Becky mostly because she makes you feel welcome and awesome when you enter a room with her. The day I shot these photos I left her home feeling super charged, and like I could take on the world.

Becky Simpson is a graphic designer & illustrator as well as a purveyor of high fives. The day I shot these photos of her she wore an incredibly amazing children's shirt, her dog threw up in the floor, and her husband got into Duke. All of these were greeted with appropriate amounts of excitement.

In addition to being a great example of a human being, she's also incredibly talented at what she does. Becky is doing a Creative Residency with Adobe this year, which is basically the coolest thing I've ever heard of. The Residency gives talented, emerging creative professionals the opportunity to spend a full year working on a dream project. She's been featured all over the internet and I think we can all agree that she's pretty cool.