My Best Friend's Birthday [In 5 Frames]

I think birthday portraits should be a thing. I've done several sessions in honor of milestone birthdays like turning sixteen or twenty five, but I think ever year there should be a few photos to commemorate the day. Birthdays are like your own personal New Year's Day, or at least they can be. You learn a lot in a whole year. You might move to a new place, you might make a few friends, you may even lose some. There's a lot that goes into rounding out another year of life. This is what Stephanie Hinrich's birthday felt like. Cold temperatures, warm friendships, a few surprises here and there and a margarita or two. We had pizza & cake. I took her to lunch to and we talked about growing up. I asked at one point what she'd learned this year and she told me this: 

Life is too short to do things you don't want to do or pretend to like things you don't like. 

Happy Birthday, dear friend! Love you to the moon. I'll join you at 25 in just a few short weeks.