Gifting Good Guide

It's no surprise to anyone that knows me that I am passionate about makers and small businesses. I feel like I have to qualify this by saying yes, I do still shop at Target and Old Navy from time to time and though I've considered giving it up many times I've never fully made that commitment. There's no high horse here-- I just love supporting small businesses and brands that give back.

For the past few years Tucker and I have been conscious of what voting with your dollar really looks like. We have so many friends who are small business owners so the conversation naturally started there. What would it look like if we bought gifts from small businesses? Or artisans? Or ethically made products? What if we simply voted yes to good with our dollar.

That's the heart that this gift guide comes from. For the past year or so I've dreamed about reaching out to brands to include in this gift guide. It combines everything we love. Small business, ethically sourced businesses, brands that do good, brands that educate, brands that are non toxic, brands that are built out of spare bedrooms and home offices. That, to me, is a brand that does good.

These are all brands I love. I hand picked each and every one of these businesses and I am proud to welcome them to my first installation of the #giftgoodguide. Be sure to follow along over on Instagram! I'll be hosting several giveaways to celebrate!


For the host or hostess.

You know the one! The friend that's always throwing the party? The spirit of Christmas now. The friend who will always have you over for dinner. This group is for him/her.

1) a bag of coffee that provides safe water from TOMS & a vessel to put it in from Klean Kanteen

2) the funniest candle you could ever possibly give from The Burlap Bag. 

3) a framed print of a tiny buck from Tiny Deer Studio

4) the safest & most nontoxic cleaner in the prettiest packaging from Branch Basics

For the guy.

For the guy you're not quite sure if you're dating or not to the guy that you're definitely 100% married to. What's on their list? 

1) boots for the incredibly cool from Teysha.

2) a slim wallet to keep all his cards in order from Purse & Clutch.

3) a reusable coffee vessel that makes you feel good by doing good from KeepCup

4) a beanie that both keeps your head warm & empowers people to rise above poverty from Krochet Kids intl

5) a journal that builds schools in impoverished nations and also houses your creative thoughts from Denik

For the little or littler ones.

Your teenage friend or daughter? The kiddos? The munchkin? This is it. This is where they are. 

1) an 'ice cream swirl' notebook by Denik for doodles and dreams. 

2) a letter writing kit by P.S. Paper Shoppe

3) a super cool beanie that provides jobs, education and mentorship from Krochet Kids intl. 

4) t-shirts that help kids imitate the best of the best by Wee Rascals.

5) the crochet taxidermy head of a jellyfish by Nothing But a Pigeon.

For your bestie.

Bestie is a tier, not a person. I hope you have a ton of besties ranging from your mother or mother in law to your best grade school friend to the gal you just click with that you met this year. 

1) a crocheted scarf that supports underfunded charities by Interlaced Goods.

2) the most lovely drinking glass, lid and straw from The Mason Bar Company.

3) a carry all that provides a safe birth to a child and mother in need from TOMS.

4) an beautiful Italian gold ring from Pieceology Vintage

5) a gorgeous necklace that directly impacts a woman's life in Uganda from 31 Bits

For yourself.

I don't know about you, but I always end up buying myself a gift around Christmas-time. Sometimes it's because a kind relative gifted me some cash, and sometimes it's because my birthday is close and I want a little something to make that feel extra special. Either way I had to include it in the guide. 

1) delectable smoking slippers that connect cultures by Teysha

2) the fanciest clutch & wrap made by artisans via Noonday Collection.

3) a hand made hand embroidered necklace made by the incredible Poppy and Fern.

4) a tote made of buttery leather that helped a female entrepreneur overcome by FASHIONable.

5) a dainty/beautiful hand beaded bolo tie necklace by Betty Alida

In a season of shopping both big and small, be conscious of the good that can come from shopping small or giving back through your purchases! Happy Holidays and happy shopping <3