Birch & Brass Dinner for Lauren Kelp // Summer 2015

I'm finally getting my groove back with blogging and I realized that I haven't showed you this dreamy session that I did in collaboration with Birch and Brass, Wondrous Whimsy, and Slavonk & Hortus for Lauren Kelp from the past summer. You can also see Birch & Brass's excellent write up about this dinner here

Last summer was my first in Austin and thankfully it was a mild one. That doesn't take away from the fact that it was still so hot out. That doesn't stop Austin from doing things outside though. We still do everything normal people with mild summers would do, including dine al fresco. The heat isn't a deterrent. I love how much Austin loves the outdoors and I'm so grateful to be here in the heat. I feel like these photos take me back to that hot summer night & make me want to pour everyone a round of sweet tea.