November Goals!


It's that time of the month. Wait. No. Bad Intro. It's the first of the month which means it's time for a goals post! 

November is one of my favorite months. It's the beginning of the holiday season. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. The weather cools down. The sun shines a lot. The leaves start to turn, even if it's only a little bit in Texas. It's my best friend's birthday month & it just feels right. 

Here are my goals for October & how they panned out!

1) Figure out what I like to do for fun. 
I figured out a few things! I like to write. I like to come up with systems of how to do things easily. I like reading. I like planning things. I like data input. I like cooking with my hubs. And I like cuddling with my dog. GOAL SUCCESS! 
2) Do two for fun photo projects & blog them.   
So I didn't actually execute these photo projects, but that's mostly because it took me until yesterday to figure them out -- So I'm rain-checking this goal to November! GOAL MOVED!
3) Keep our home clean and tidy.
Failed. Just failed so hard. GOAL UNSUCCESS. 
4) Buy no new clothing in October. 
I rocked this goal so hard! I bought no clothes at all in October. Three of my bras had underwires that bit the dust and I still didn't buy anything (mostly because I never made it bra shopping). But YES. GOAL SUCCESS!
5) Hold on to my Thursdays, tightly [this means no work on Thursdays]!
I went to see three movies and I did no work (that I didn't desperately want to do) on Thursdays! This will actually make its way into my everyday life. Thursdays FTW. GOAL SUCCESS!

For this month I have a few goals in mind and I'm super excited about them! They're all very me centric which is a change and very fun! 

1) Create a holiday gift guide! \\ I've always wanted to and I'm doing it! Can't wait to share it with you!
2) Do two photo projects for fun. \\ They've got names: Florals on Film & Myself. Can't. Stinkin. Wait.
3) Incorporate a rhythm into my everyday. \\ I'd love to add rest, working out of some kind, cooking, and scheduled work. It's a bad month to try to switch everything up which is why this goal is so vague. 
4) Write in my thankfulness journal everyday. \\ It's the month of celebrating thankfulness after all!
5) Make our home happier! \\ This goal shouldn't be hard because it means I get to decorate for Thanksgiving & Christmas!

What about you? What are your goals for the month?