October Goals!

September absolutely flew by at the speed of sound. Pumpkin spice everything, fall leaves, and October all came in before we knew it. I peeked at my September goals with one eye closed, scared to death because I had forgotten all about what I had written down and I...

Am actually pleasantly surprised.

1) Try a new working schedule.
This one made a list because I was deliriously lost when it came to my work flow. I'd feel guilty for not having things to do, and then stressed because I had so much to do. It was an unhealthy cycle that I was going through nearly constantly. So I sat work hours. I picked a day off (Thursday) and I'm looking forward to beginning to take two half days off a week too! I started restructuring the way I start my day. I don't really sleep in anymore, and most days by 8am I'm at the dog park with Hank. He needs to be tired so he sleeps at my feet while I work. I'm still working out the kinks, and I've picked up my day designer again for some added structure but I'm a fan. Goal accomplished!
2) Find a new food I like.
RAMEN. RAMEN. RAMEN. RAMEN. Goal accomplished!
3) Plan a date for Tucker & I.
I did it. I totally planned a date for Tucker and I. I planned a few, but my favorite thing we did all month (not a date I planned, just want to let you know) was look at dogs for an hour online. We laughed like crazy because there was a dog that looked like Ron Perlman. Oh, we also went on a fancy brunch date too! Goal accomplished!
Goal failed. I drank a zillion Mexican Cokes in Marfa. 
5) Declutter.
So I didn't do this in September. BUT I DID IT YESTERDAY AND TODAY. Tucker and I are just one closet swap and a little bit of laundry away from a beautiful, clean home and I have a few photos to prove it. 

1) Figure out what I like to do for fun. 
2) Do two for fun photo projects & blog them.   
3) Keep our home clean and tidy.
4) Buy no new clothing in October. 
5) Hold on to my Thursdays, tightly [this means no work on Thursdays]!

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