Loving Others Well

So I've already confessed to you that I feel weird. I feel incredibly weird about life right now. I blame the perfect storm of happy and sad and emotional and overjoyed. And everything makes me emotional, did I tell you that? Right now I'm watching an episode of Sex and the City, the one Miranda's mother dies and Carrie's computer crashes, and there are tears dripping down my cheeks. 

Through all the weirdness though, there are tiny pockets of time where I feel like my life isn't going into boxes. The past 24 hours have been great. To spell it out I have been loved well. My friends, my family, and those closest to me have loved me so well at a time when I really needed it. That's so important, isn't it? Loving others well when they need it? Don't we live for those moments as human beings? I love to love others. My love language is giving. I love to be there for people and I love to give gift. I've felt pretty empty lately. I've been moving fast and doing a lot. It's easy to burn out that way and I've been trying my hardest to fight against that. I've found out over the past few days that the best way to fight the burn out is through community. It's through people buying you a pizza from New York and having it delivered to your house. It's people in your mail group sending you packages, even when they don't have your name this month. It's people in that same group telling you how much effort they spent making sure that their gifts this month would look good in your new home. It's a 'I'm praying for you.' It's a 'You're doing well with all this, I bet it's hard.' It's being extra sweet to your wife when you know she needs it. 

Today I feel good and it's because of the investments of others. Today, I challenge you to love someone differently. Invest in others today. Buy someone a coffee. Send someone your favorite book. Pick up the phone and call someone. Tell someone what they mean to you. We could all do with a little bit of extra loving.