I'm Back.

Photo courtesy of Evan Hutchinson. 

Photo courtesy of Evan Hutchinson. 

Hello! It's been a while. At last we talked I was working on a new project. I said I'd be back soon and well, I'm here! I'm back! 

As you may already know I am moving to Texas in January. In 44 days my life will be uprooted and planted in a new city, a new state, and a whole new place in life. Before then there's so much that I want to express and that I need to process. As always, this dusty old blog is where I flee to do that. I'm glad to be here. I'm glad to have a place to exhale and breathe it all in again. I'm glad that this blog still exists.

Texas is no doubt going to be the biggest adventure of my life so far. Tucker and I have already mulled over and over again that this move is the very definition of bittersweet. It's so exciting. We get to start over. New home. New city. New everything. But it's soul crushingly sad to leave those you love. We will be moving a full 24 hour drive away from some of our best friends and our families. And you know what? It's really hard. I cry about it a lot. I oscillate between being overjoyed that we finally get to do this thing that we've wanted to do for so long and being heartbroken because our community will be different. I'll feel it all. Every last goodbye, every first hello.

But that's for later. For now, I'm so excited to be here and to be writing to you again.